Guide Standard conditions of contract

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3. Supplier’s obligation to supply the service

3.1          Subject to and in accordance with these Conditions, and in consideration of the Contract Price, the Supplier shall supply to the Buyer, or to whom the Buyer may direct in accordance with paragraph 32.3 of these Conditions, and shall deliver at the place specified by the Buyer, the Service specified in the Contract. The Service is to be of the quality and type and at the rates or prices and in the quantity all as specified in the Contract.


3.2          The Service shall be provided of satisfactory quality and be fit for its purpose and specifically fit for the particular purpose specified by the Buyer to the Supplier, and the Supplier warrants that it has the required skill and judgement to be able to supply the Service appropriately in order to properly execute the Contract.


3.3          The Supplier warrants that it has made sufficient investigations of the Facility, the reason why the Service is needed, and/or how the service is required to be delivered before either tendering or submitting a priced quotation, such as to have achieved an understanding of the nature and extent of the Service required and the circumstances in which the Service is required and any other matters connected with the Service and Facility. No claim by the Supplier for lack of knowledge of the Facility and/or the Service to be provided under the Contract will be accepted by the Buyer.


3.4          The Buyer reserves the right by notice to the Supplier to modify the quality or quantity of the Service and any alteration to the Contract Price or completion date, arising by reason of such modification, shall be agreed by negotiation between the Parties.