Guide Standard conditions of contract

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4. The contract price

4.1          The Contract Price of the Service shall be as stated in the Contract Documents, quotation, Buyer’s Acceptance, letter of offer to supply, purchase order or similar and no increase will be accepted by the Buyer before the execution of the Contract.


4.2          Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Buyer, where the Service comprises distinct parts or consignments, the Supplier shall render a separate invoice in respect of each of the parts or consignments unless otherwise agreed with the Buyer. Payment shall be due within 30 days after receipt of an invoice providing that the invoice so received is deemed correct by the Buyer.


4.3          Value added tax, where applicable, shall be shown separately on all invoices as a strictly net extra charge, and the Buyer shall be entitled to withhold payment of any invoice which does not constitute a valid VAT invoice so as to enable the Buyer to reclaim the VAT from HM Revenue and Customs.


4.4          If deemed applicable to this tender/quote, the Supplier is to allow in its price for the provision of all barriers and lighting , either day or night , necessary for protection of the Works, plant, materials and the like and for prevention of injury to the public. Should the Works take place within or near and occupied building then the Supplier shall provide satisfactory arrangements to allow safe occupation and safe access and egress from the building.


4.5          If deemed applicable to this tender/quote, the Supplier is to allow in their price and make their own arrangements regarding all services required for the execution of the Works and pay all charges and fees in connection therewith.


4.6          Before tendering, the Supplier, if it is deemed applicable to this tender/quote, must be satisfied so far as is practicable, to site conditions, extent of the work required, means of access to and egress from the site or sites, storage and working space, position of existing services and any other matters that may affect the tender price and shall include for the provision of such within the tender sum.