Guide Apply for or cancel a Council Tax discount or exemption

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1. Occupied property - someone lives here

Before completing the online form, check that you qualify for a discount or exemption:

  1. Single person discount
  2. Discounts for people who aren't counted (disregarded)
  3. Discount for adapted property for disabled people 
  4. Annexes (occupied properties)
  5. Exemptions (occupied properties)

If you are on a low income, please apply for Council Tax Reduction.

By law you must tell within 21 days of any change that may affect your entitlement to a discount or exemption. To falsely claim is a criminal offence and we may prosecute.

Please complete the online form by clicking on the blue start button below.

Data Protection

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  • the Council Tax account number for the property you want to claim for/cancel the discount or exemption. You can get this from the Council Tax bill
  • the postcode and address of the property where you are applying for or cancelling the discount or exemption

When applying for class U exemption, please download the medical declaration before you start to complete the online form. You need to get the doctor of the severely mentally impaired person(s) to sign it.

When we receive your completed form, we may need to visit to check whether you qualify.

  • If you qualify, we will send you a revised bill.
  • If you do not qualify, we will notify you by email, phone or letter.
  • When we cancel your discount or exemption, we will send you a revised bill.