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8. Electrical safety checks

Every time a contractor is called out to repair an electrical fault they will also carry out an electrical safety check. They will do a basic visual safety check of all the electrical installations in the property. They will explain what must be inspected and which areas of the property will need to be accessed.

They will identify any work that needs to be carried out and tell you if any of the electrical installations are potentially dangerous or do not meet regulations. If there is significant work that needs to be done then our contractors will work with you to reduce any inconvenience as much as possible.

If you have made alterations involving electrical installations and have asked us in writing for permission then we will leave these in place so long as they are safe and meet current standards.  If we find anything that is unsafe or does not meet current standards then we will either make it safe (if possible) or remove it. 

You will not be charged for the work unless it is due to anything faulty or unsafe that you have put in yourself, or if there has been obvious misuse of our installations.