Guide Day-to-day repairs

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7. Repairs that you must carry out or arrange yourself

Listed below are some of the repair and maintenance items which you must carry out or arrange yourself. You may need our permission to carry out some of these items. Please contact us for further information. 

  • All internal decoration
  • Replacing keys when you have lost them or broken them in the lock (unless fair wear and tear) or where you have locked yourselves out
  • Getting extra keys cut, including radiator keys
  • Replacing broken or cracked glass (unless this is due to criminal damage and a police crime number is given)
  • Fitting curtain rails, coat hooks or pelmets and draught proofing to doors or windows
  • Fitting extra door or window locks without a recommendation from the police, unless these were inadequate in the first place
  • Adjusting doors when you have fitted new floor coverings.
  • Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes or starters*
  • Testing smoke detectors (including any provided by us) or replacing batteries except for a communal system (Home Safeguard)*
  • Resetting electrical trip switches*
  • Getting chimneys swept if used for wood or a coal fire
  • Filling minor cracks or holes in walls and ceilings
  • Clearing basins, sinks, baths or toilets which have become blocked due to misuse
  • Replacing toilet seats and flush chains, and plugs and chains on baths, basins or sinks
  • Replacing clothes lines or restringing rotary driers (unless in a shared area)
  • Maintaining garden paths or patios (except those leading to front or back doors or provided specifically for an existing disabled tenant) and any other general garden features (unless in shared areas)
  • Keeping gully grids and wall vents clear of leaves and rubbish
  • Replacing TV aerials and sockets (except for communal aerials)
  • Disconnecting or reconnecting appliances such as cookers or washing machines
  • Installing extra electric sockets unless the number available is below the minimum standard
  • Bleeding or venting central heating radiators.
  • Fitting or replacing internal door latches, handles, chains or spy holes
  • Repairing or replacing handles, catches or knobs on kitchen units
  • Maintaining garden fencing (unless it is post and wire fence provided us).

*In very exceptional circumstances we will arrange these repairs for extremely vulnerable tenants