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9. Servicing gas appliances and solid fuel heating

As a landlord, we have a statutory duty to carry out an annual safety inspection of gas appliances, flues and associated pipework that we are responsible for. This includes gas central heating and fixed gas fires but not gas ovens.

We also service solid fuel heating systems once a year.

We will give you reasonable notice of when our contractors will carry out this work. Please advise the gas servicing contractor if this time is not convenient to you so that they can arrange for an alternative visit.

If you don't  give them access to the property you are in breach of your tenancy conditions.

If you have gas central heating or any gas appliances fitted at your own expense, with our permission, the work must have been carried out by a Gas Safe (previously CoRGi) registered installer and a gas installation certificate and safety certificate must be sent to us. We will take over the responsibility for maintaining these after any guarantee has run out.