Guide Day-to-day repairs

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4. Timescales for repairs

When repairs are reported to us we categorise them as to whether they are an emergency repair or not. 

For emergency repairs the work should be completed or made safe within four hours.  We expect you to remain at home so that the contractor can visit within this time, or arrange access through alternative means such as leaving a key with a neighbour. 

An emergency means something that threatens life or endangers people or property.  Examples include no power at all to the property, an internal burst pipe, or a badly leaking sewage pipe. 

All non emergency repairs are classed as routine repairs.  The contractor will contact you to arrange a suitable day and time to carry out the repair.  These repairs should be completed within 30 days. 

Repairs to gas boilers or central heating systems are classed slightly differently.  If you have no heating or hot water our contractor will attend within 24 hours.