Guide Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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11. Appeals Process

As soon as practicable after the grant of planning permission we will issue your CIL Liability Notice. If you disagree with this Notice you must first request a review under Section 113 of the CIL Regulations.

The first stage of appeal is to send a letter stating why you think the Liability Notice is incorrect to the CIL Officer at East Devon District Council or email marked 'Request for S113 Review'.

If this does not resolve the issue you may appeal direct to the Valuation Office Agency.

The following further Appeals can be made directly to the Valuation office Agency or the Planning Inspectorate (as appropriate) during the CIL process: 

  • Chargeable Amount Appeal (Section 114);
  • Apportionment of Liability Appeal (Section 115);
  • Charitable Relief Appeal (Section 116);
  • Exemption for Residential Annexe Appeal (Section 116A);
  • Exemption for Self-Build Housing Appeal (Section 116B);
  • Surcharge Appeal (Section 117);
  • Deemed Commencement Appeal (Section 118);
  • CIL Stop Notice Appeal (Section 119).

Further information on the appeals process is available to view.