Guide Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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13. Spending the Levy

The Infrastructure list (contained in the Infrastructure Funding Statement) identifies infrastructure that we may wish to fund from CIL receipts. The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) provides a guide to the specific projects that are required to deliver the Local Plan (only some of which will be funded in whole or part by CIL) and the priority for their delivery.

In 2017, we invited bids for spending CIL, as explained in the protocol and application for funding form. The applications were considered at Strategic Planning Committee, who made the decision not to fund any projects in the first year - see the minutes of this meeting.

In 2019, Councillors reconsidered the spending of CIL, and resolved that money should be put towards two projects: the expansion of Exmouth Community College; and towards a Devon County Council funding bid to Government for the extension of Dinan Way (subject to a significant contribution from Exmouth Town Council).  Further detail can be seen in item 23 of Strategic Planning Committee, Tuesday 22 October 2019.

The table below outlines how CIL receipts will be split:

CIL administration 5%

Neighbourhood Proportion

Parish with Neighbourhood Plan - 25% 

Parish without Neighbourhood Plan - 15%

East Devon funding of projects The remainder – 70-80%