Guide Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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9. Permitted Development

Permitted development (development that does not require the submission of a planning application), or development subject to ‘Prior Approval’ is CIL liable if:

  • A new dwelling is being created (even if this is through a change of use);
  • An extension is being created to a dwelling that is 100sqm or more;
  • New retail floor space is being created that 100sqm or more;
  • An annexe is being created to a dwelling.

If you intend to commence development under Permitted Development or Prior Approval that meets the above, you will need to submit a Form 5: Notice of Chargeable Development to the Planning Department before you commencement development. The CIL charge is the assessed and applied as though planning permission has been issued.

The notice must be accompanied by a scaled plan which identifies the following:

  • The land to which the notice relates;
  • Any buildings in lawful use on that land which are to be demolished before the completion of the chargeable development;
  • Any buildings in lawful use on that land which will be part of the chargeable development on completion; and
  • The development which is the subject of the notice.

Further information may be required if we are unable to determine the CIL liability from the information submitted.