Guide Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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12. Section 106 Agreements and CIL

For most residential development outside of Cranbrook, CIL will largely replace off-site S.106 contributions, for example, towards off-site sports provision or school places.

For development outside of Cranbrook we will continue to use S.106 Agreements, alongside CIL, to secure affordable housing from residential development and essential site specific mitigation, for example on-site children’s play facilities, from residential and other types of development that are needed to enable development to proceed. Within Cranbrook, all obligations will be secured via S.106 Agreements.

However, please note that regulations now allow the Council to use S.106 and CIL money to deliver the same item of infrastructure, so we may use a combination of these developer contributions to deliver some infrastructure.

Please be aware that a habitat contribution may also be payable in addition to S.106 contributions: Unilateral undertakings, section 106 agreements, habitat mitigation and affordable housing contributions.