Guide Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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4. Residential CIL Map

CIL Indexed Rate Summary

Charging Schedule Zone Rate

To establish the CIL Charging Schedule Zone Rate from this map, left click on the particular site you are interested in to reveal the CIL 2021 Charging Schedule Zone Rate underneath the map.

CIL Indexed Rate

  • The Charging Schedule Zone Rate, displayed on the map is then adjusted on 1st January each year, by the “CIL Index” under the CIL Regulations.

To get the right CIL Indexed Rate given above for the year the chargeable development was granted planning permission.

To find the CIL Indexed Rate for the appropriate year required, in the table provided:

  • Locate in the “2021 Charging Schedule Rate column” the Charging Schedule Zone Rate identified from the map above.
  • Then look up the figure along that line for the Indexed CIL Rate column to obtain the CIL Rate charged per sq m for that year.