Policy Street trading policy and application guidance

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18. Prohibited streets

List of designated streets in Sidmouth at 2 October 2017

The following are designated as prohibited streets where street trading is at all times forbidden by law;

  • All Saints Road
  • Bedford Square and including the un-named street leading from Bedford Square to the Esplanade
  • Blackmore View
  • Chapel Road
  • Chapel Street
  • Church Street
  • Coburg Road - between Coburg Terrace and Church Street
  • Dove Lane  - and the lane between Dove Lane & New Street
  • Fore Street
  • Fortfield Place
  • Fortfield Terrace
  • Glen Road,  - south of Manor Road
  • Ham Lane and East Street - from the Esplanade to Fore Street
  • High Street
  • Manor Road
  • Market Place
  • Mill Street, - west of its junction with Russell Street
  • Millford Road, - north of the ford
  • New Street
  • Old Fore Street
  • Peak Hill Road – east from its junction with Cotmaton Road.
  • Prospect Place
  • Radway, - south of the Post Office
  • Salcombe Road
  • Sid Road, - south of Redwood Road
  • Station Road - between Knowle Drive and The Esplanade
  • Streets adjoining the Three Cornered Plot (Known as The Triangle)
  • The Beach – from the mouth of the River Sid westwards to a point opposite Clifton Cottage.
  • The un-named street between Elizabeth Hotel and Marlborough Hotel (now Dukes)
  • Vicarage Road, - south of Connaught Road
  • York Street

The following is a Consent Street but as a matter of policy consents shall only be granted during Sidmouth Folk Week;

  •  Esplanade & Promenade