Policy Street trading policy and application guidance

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12. Stage 6 - Determination of application

6.43 Applications will be determined by officers under delegated authority, although officers have the absolute discretion to refer any application to the Licensing and Enforcement Sub-Committee.
6.44 Where there are relevant objections then officers will be permitted to try and overcome the objections through negotiations with the relevant parties and the applicant.
6.45 Where the decision of the officers is to refuse an application or grant it in terms substantially different than applied for (in this regard a change to the hours will not normally be viewed as substantial), the applicant will have the right to request a review of that decision by a more senior officer by making a written request within 10 working days. The review will be completed and the applicant notified of the outcome within 10 working days of the request.
6.46 The applicant and anybody objecting to the application will be notified of a referral to the Sub-Committee, the date when the application will be considered and the procedure to be followed. The appropriate Ward Member will also be notified. Unless special circumstances apply the Sub-Committee meetings are open to the public.

6.47 The reasons for refusal (whether a decision made by officers or the Sub-Committee) will be conveyed to the applicant. There is no right of appeal to the Magistrates’ Court against the Council’s refusal to issue a consent.
6.48 In respect of any application which is approved the Standard Conditions will be attached to the consent, together with any other conditions deemed to be necessary. Conditions will require the street trading operation to be carried out as detailed in the application (e.g. the nature of the goods to be sold, trading hours / days and the unit from which they are to be sold).
6.49 Conditions attached to the consent form part of the approval to carry out street trading in East Devon. They MUST be complied with at all times and failure to do so could lead to the consent being either revoked or any subsequent application not granted. It is the responsibility of the applicant / consent holder to familiarise themselves with the conditions relevant to their consent and to abide by them.