Policy Street trading policy and application guidance

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8. Stage 2 - consultations

6.11 Before a street trading consent is granted, the council will carry out a consultation process with:

• The Highways Authority (Devon County Council) / Highways England
• Devon and Cornwall Police
• Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service (DSFR) where appropriate
• The Council’s Environmental Health (Commercial and Environment Protection) Teams
• The relevant Ward Members (unless they are the applicant)
• The appropriate Parish or Town Council (unless they are the applicant)
• Other appropriate organisations or businesses that may have a relevant need to be consulted being considered on a case by case basis.

6.12 Where practicable, 28 days will be given for representations to be received, where appropriate consultation may conclude sooner. Tacit consent does not apply. Trading cannot begin without consent as it is in the public interest that applications are processed before they can be granted.
6.13 Consultation for street trading applications will be separate to those consultations by other council services (for example for use or hire of council owned land).

Safety Advisory Group 

6.14 The popularity and increase of live musical and similar entertainment in the open with associated trading can provide opportunities for community involvement, civic pride and attracts visitors to East Devon. The success of such events depends upon the quality, levels of safety and consideration for the rights of people who live or work in the vicinity and the standard of provision of facilities for those coming to enjoy the event. The council has established a multi-agency Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to assist organisers co-ordinating events comprising of agencies having an interest in, or legislative role relevant to, such events together with representatives of the emergency services.

6.15 Where necessary a SAG meeting will consider any issues that will require to be addressed and to open up lines of communication with organisers. This is important as it will assist with measures that organisers need to put in place to plan the event. Risks can be adequately mitigated by the submission of an up to date, relevant, detailed and complete Event Management Plan specific to the proposed event on each separate occasion. It is a requirement when planning events on EDDC land.

6.16 The Council recommends that organisers of public trading events should contact the Safety Advisory Group coordinator at least six month before any event being considered emailing SafetyAdvisor.group@eastdevon.gov.uk

6.17 Stage 2 consultations may be delayed or not progressed in circumstances where an event organizer has not consulted or attended the SAG in advance of submitting an application.