Policy Street trading policy and application guidance

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5. Suitability of Applicants

When determining an application for the grant or renewal of a street trading consent, or a block booking consent the Council will consider all relevant information relating to the suitability of the applicant to hold such a consent. Street Traders are subject to minimum levels of supervision, they interact closely with members of the public and it is important that the public, especially vulnerable people are protected from harm, and from those who may harm them, wherever possible.
The Council will determine whether the applicant is a suitable person to carry on business as a street trader and may not issue a consent unless satisfied that the applicant is suitable. In determining this, the Council may have regard to any information, which it considers relevant including:
(a) Relevant responses received during each consultation
(b) Whether the applicant has been convicted of a relevant offence outlined in the policy appendix
(c) Refusal or neglect in paying fees due to the Council for a street trading consent, or for any other charges due for other services rendered by the Council to the applicant as the holder of a street trading consent;
(d) Any previous enforcement action;
(e) Any previous refusal of an application for the grant or renewal of a Street Trading Consent;
(f) Any previous revocation of a Street Trading Consent
(g) Any abusive, offensive, aggressive or insulting language or behaviour towards reception or licensing staff will not be tolerated. It will lead to contact ceasing instantly and the licensing process stopped.