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15. Street Trading application fees

Application Fees 

Application fees are non-refundable, being the administrative payment to the Council to receive, review and start consultation. Payment will be required when submitting each application to Licensing using the online portal.

New Consent to trade

  • £45 payable for each location
  • When applying for more than one location, an additional fee of £45 for each location.

Renewal of existing consent upon application 

  • £45 When applying for renewal (previously granted location).
  • Where an application is sought for any new location the fee payable is that for a new application (above).

Application for Block Booking (multiple trading)

  • £45 Payable for any public area, highway or open space (not falling under EDDC ownership).
  • *Fees for hiring any EDDC gardens or open spaces to hold an event will incurs a charge payable under Event Fees 2023/2024 - East Devon


  • £25 If applying to vary an existing Consent for the same unit/vehicle in the existing granted location.

Late submission (traders list)

  • £25 Provided late as part of an application at least 10 working days prior to the event commencing.

Additional Notes:

Fees are payable where trading in any location where the public can access freely.
Fees will be reviewed annually and any variation will be approved by Council
*This fee will be charged by StreetScene for land hire (owned by EDDC).
Fees are none refundable once the consultation processes has been started.