Policy Street trading policy and application guidance

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7. Stage 1 - submission of the application

6.4 In addition to a completed and signed street trading application applicants will need to submit a fully completed application and with the following documents (payable at the applicants own expense):
(a) 1 copy of a map of the trading site. The map should clearly identify the proposed site position by marking the site boundary with a red line. The map should include the nearest residential and commercial properties to the trading site. Applications for mobile trading consents (e.g. fish and chip vans) must provide specific routes and the locations they wish to trade from.
(b) Evidence of a current Food Hygiene Rating Scheme score of at least 3 from the relevant home Authority (to include which authority) where there is the sale of food or drink.
(c) A copy of the certificate of insurance that covers the street trading activity for third party and public liability risks with an appropriate level of cover (this will usually be a minimum cover level of £5,000,000).
(d) Consent holder to provide photographic ID and evidence of right to work in the UK (not being relevant to applications under block bookings below)
(e) A Basic Disclosure with your application form being no older than 3 calendar months from date of issue, which can be obtained from the Disclosure and Barring Service https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/basic-checks (not being relevant to applications under block bookings below). An update will be necessary after 3 years from obtaining or if circumstances change, when the Licensing team should be notified.
(f) Any assistant staff working alone at a consent location must be a minimum of 17 years old and have a sound understanding of the conditions outlined on the consent document. You will need to complete their details on the application form and supply a Basic DBS check (no more than three months old).
(g) A colour photograph showing the stall, vehicle or barrow which is to be used from the front back and sides. It is not necessary to show what is being sold (being a discretionary requirement to applications under block bookings below).
(h) Traders gaining consent for at least one location for the period of one year, may provide notification to Licensing to allow consent for trading at other temporary events if trading will be for less than 24 hours and the number of the trading days are less than 7 each year.
(i) Written approval from the land owner must be obtained prior to making an application

Block Booking Applications 

6.5 An event organiser may apply for a single block consent for a short term event where there is to be a number of traders (e.g. farmers markets) using the application form. The event organiser will need to obtain confirmation from all stall holders carrying out a street trading activity that they comply with the requirements of 6.4 (b) and 6.4 (c) above, along with the details of what is being sold. A traders list will need to be provided to the Council as part of the application at least 10 working days prior to the event commencing. Event organiser(s) in receipt of a block consent will be expected to take reasonable responsibility for trading activities by ensuring compliance with the block consent conditions.

6.6 Compliance with laws and legislation (Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, waste disposal and so on) will be the responsibility of each trader and failure to comply may result in the trader consent being revoked, subsequent applications being refused and enforcement action occurring.


6.7 The fees set by the District Council for the grant, variation or renewal of a street trading consent must be paid to validate and process the application. Council services may set different fees relating to nature of each contract, concession, licence or consent upon application. Market forces may be taken into consideration to a certain extent in determining the different fee levels for concessions.

6.8 Application fees will be reviewed annually on a cost recovery basis and any variation will be approved by Council. Details of the current fees can be found on the Council’s website via this link [add here].

6.9 Application fees must accompany the application for grant or renewal of the consent. If an application does not proceed to commencing Stage 3 Consultation, a refund will be repaid by the Council to the applicant. Failure to make payment may result in the consent not being renewed. If an Applicant does surrender their consent or the consent is revoked, the Council shall not refund the application fee being paid for work undertaken to consult, determine, grant or renew the consent.

6.10 It is not possible to process incomplete or unpaid applications or applications not received via the online portal.