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13. Can I include my childcare costs?

We can disregard some childcare costs when working out your claim. Costs can also be included if you are on sick leave, maternity leave or one of a couple is unable to work. 

Your provider must be a registered child-minder, nursery, play scheme, out of school hours scheme or other approved childcare provision. It does not include care provided by a relative unless they are registered.

We look at the average amount of childcare paid (up to a year) to give the most accurate estimate of the charges.

Tell us about any childcare costs when you make your claim.  You need to complete our online childcare charges form

You will need to complete a form for each child & childcare provider. 

Your provider will need to complete a declaration form

If your childcare costs stop, change or you start paying new costs you need to tell us immediately. Civil Penalties may apply if you do not tell us about changes in time.