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14. What do I do if I’m not happy with the Housing Benefit decision?

We try to make all decisions about your benefit correctly.

You may think that a decision is unfair but we have to make our decisions based on benefits legislation.

If you think that the amount of benefit we are paying you is wrong you can ask for an explanation.

  •        We will explain how your benefit or an overpayment has been worked out 
  •        We will show you the information we have used to do this 
  •        If we find a mistake we will correct it and send you a new decision 
  •        We will advise you if there is anything else you can do

If you've had an explanation but you still disagree with the outcome, you can make a request for reconsideration under the revision request process or under the relevant appeal process.

Please note that we will initially use the information to consider this matter under the revision request process. If we cannot change the decision in your favour then we will write to you and explain the reasons; you can still make an appeal following the revision request but dependent upon the type of decision being appealed we may have to write to you for your signature so that we can legally progress your appeal.

Please check we are using the correct information on your claim, this is shown in our letters.  If you think there is a mistake please call 01395 571770 or email and tell us if you why you think our decision is incorrect.