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19. Farringdon (made)


On 9 June 2021, Cabinet resolved to ‘make’ (adopt) the Farringdon Neighbourhood Plan so that it forms part of the Development Plan for East Devon alongside any other made neighbourhood plans, the adopted East Devon Local Plan 2013-2031, and the Devon Minerals and Waste Plan. The date of 'making' the Plan is 18 June 2021.

This was following the successful referendum on 6 May 2021, where 89% of residents who voted were in favour of the Plan.

The Decision Statement and Compliance Statement are available to view.

The Farringdon Neighbourhood Plan as 'made' is available to view.

The Plan will be used to help make decisions on planning applications and guide future development in the parish of Farringdon.

Hard copies of Plan documentation can be viewed by prior arrangement at the District Council Offices at Blackdown House, Border Road, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton. Tel: 01395 571740 Email:


A local referendum was held on 6 May 2021 on the Farringdon Neighbourhood Plan.  The referendum asked residents in the parish of Farringdon the following question:

"Do you want East Devon District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Farringdon to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

The results, confirmed in the published Declaration, are as follows:

Number cast in favour of a 'YES'

132 (89%)

Number cast in favour of a 'NO'

16 (11%)

Turnout: 56%

The "Referendum Version" of the Neighbourhood Plan is available to view.

The full set of documents relating to the referendum can be found on the Electoral Services page of our website.



The Farringdon Neighbourhood Plan examination has been completed.  The appointed independent examiner was David Hogger.  

The Examiner's Final Report, including proposed modifications to the Neighbourhood Plan, is now available.

The District Council considered the Examiner's report at its Cabinet meeting on 3rd February 2021. It was agreed to incorporate all of the Examiner's proposed modifications into the Neighbourhood Plan and for this to be recommended to go forward for referendum.  A formal decision notice confirming this has been issued.

Questions raised by the Examiner and responses provided to them during the examination are as follows:

Procedural Letter from the examiner including initial questions.

Responses to Examiner's Initial Questions

Covering Letter

Submission of Plan to Local Authority - Regulation 16

Farringdon Parish Council (as the qualifying body) prepared and submitted the Farringdon Neighbourhood Development Plan to East Devon District Council on 22nd July 2020. 

The Plan was consulted on for 10 weeks from 11th August to 20th October 2020.  

Notice of Consultation

The Farringdon Neighbourhood Development Plan (Submission Version) consists of the following documents:

Farringdon Neighbourhood Plan

Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation Statement

Other supporting documents are:

SEA/HRA Screening Opinion

Housing Needs Assessment

Legal compliance checklist

Map showing extent of Farringdon Neighbourhood Area

Comments received during the consultation are as follows:

Avison Young for National Grid

Broadclyst Parish Council

Devon Countryside Access Forum

Devon County Council

East Devon District Council

Forestry Commission

Highways England

Historic England

Marcia Frey

McMurdo on behalf of Stuart Partners

Natural England

Savills on behalf of Crealy and FWS Carter & Sons

South West Water

Sport England

Pre-Submission Consultation (Regulation 14)

The Parish Council has completed its consultation on the Pre-Submission Version of their Neighbourhood Plan.  This ran from 6th April 2020 to 29th June 2020.

The plan was reviewed in the light of the comments made and a Submission Version of the plan prepared.

More information on this stage of plan making is available on the Farringdon Parish Council website.


Neighbourhood Plan Designation

Farringdon Parish Council requested that their parish be designated as a neighbourhood area. The designation was approved on the 9 December 2015.

For further information please select the links below:

Application Form

Application Form Map

Publicity Notice

Comments from The Environment Agency

Comments from Historic England

Comments from Natural England

Comments from Clyst Honiton Parish Council

An interactive map can be viewed by visiting the Neighbourhood Planning Interactive Map.