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24. Luppitt

Pre-Submission Consultation (Regulation 14)

Luppitt Parish Council have now completed their consultation on the pre-submission version of their Neighbourhood Plan. The consultation ran for 7 weeks from ending on 9th April 2021.

The pre-submission version of their plan is available below:
Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Version

The full set of supporting documentation is available on the Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan website:

All comments received are being considered by the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in taking the plan forward to the next stage. A revised plan will then be formally submitted to the District Council for further consultation and examination by an independent examiner.


Luppitt Parish Council requested the whole of their parish be designated a neighbourhood area. On 30 October 2013 Luppitt was designated a neighbourhood area.

Luppitt application form

Luppitt map

Luppitt publicity notice

An interactive map can be viewed by visiting the Neighbourhood Planning Interactive Map.