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24. Luppitt


The Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan is now at examination.  The examination commenced on 13th May 2022.  The appointed independent examiner is Mary O'Rourke.

The examination will review the contents of the Plan and the responses to the recent Submission Consultation.  It will consider if the Plan complies with the relevant legal requirements and whether it can go forward to the final stages of plan making (either in its current form, or with any amendments). 

The examiner has been provided with a full set of documentation, including all responses to the recent Submission consultation (shown further below). 

The Examiner has provided a Procedural letter which includes a number of questions for Luppitt Parish Council/Neighbourhood Plan group and East Devon District Council.  The responses by Luppitt Parish Council and East Devon District Council are now available, together with a late representation relating to the Examiner's questions by Mrs H Plummer that has been accepted by the Examiner.  Any further documentation related to the examination, including the Examiner's Report, will be published here when available.

Submission (Regulation 16)

Luppitt Parish Council (as the qualifying body) prepared and submitted the Luppitt Neighbourhood Development Plan to East Devon District Council in February 2022.  The District Council held a consultation on the Submission for just over 6 weeks, from 22nd March to midnight Friday 6th May 2022.

The Submitted documents are:

Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Version)

Consultation Statement

Basic Conditions Statement

The District Council undertook a Legal Compliance Assessment of the submission.  This assessed the Plan as able to proceed to this next stage of formal consultation (known as Regulation 16).  The formal Notice of the consultation confirms the details.

Comments received in response to the Consultation are available to view:

Blackdown Hills AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) Partnership

Devon and Cornwall Police

East Devon District Council

Environment Agency / Environmental Agency toolkit

G and A Kirsch

Highways England

Historic England

L Wren

Marine Management Organisation

Natural England

H Plummer

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

Sport England

West Hill Parish Council

Hard copies of the Plan documents are available to view at the District Council Offices at Blackdown House, Honiton, EX14 1EJ (by advance appointment only).

Further information about the Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan is also available on the dedicated Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan website

Pre-Submission Consultation (Regulation 14)

Luppitt Parish Council consulted for a total of 7 weeks on the pre-submission version of their Neighbourhood Plan, ending 9th April 2021.

The pre-submission version of their plan is available below:
Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Version

The full set of supporting documentation is available on the Luppitt Neighbourhood Plan website.

The Plan was considered in the light of the consultation responses and a Submission Version agreed by the Parish Council.


Luppitt Parish Council requested the whole of their parish be designated a neighbourhood area. On 30 October 2013 Luppitt was designated a neighbourhood area.

Luppitt application form

Luppitt map

Luppitt publicity notice

An interactive map can be viewed by visiting the Neighbourhood Planning Interactive Map.