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4. Representations on the Issues and Options consultation

The East Devon Local Plan Issues and Options report was consulted on from 18 January 2021 to 15 March 2021.

Detailed written responses to the Issues and Options consultation that were logged on our Local Plan (Firmstep) consultation software are listed below. The actual questions asked in the consultation can be viewed in Appendix 1.

A separate feedback report on the consultation has been produced which summarises the main themes raised in responses received and also the number and percentage responses (for software logged submission) to each question asked.

It should be noted that not all respondents filled in the questionnaire or filled it in a manner that readily allowed responses to be added to the consultation software. Responses not reported on in this paper are loaded separately as PDF documents, with links at the bottom of this page.

It should also be noted that there was capacity for those people that did fill in the questionnaire (or in some cases where officers added submissions on respondents behalf) to also upload additional documents on to the software as part of their submission. These additional submissions are also available as uploaded PDFs.

Appendix 2 lists the PDFs that have been uploaded to the software that relate to, expand on or are otherwise linked to submissions included in this report. In the tables in this report there are references along the lines of “see supporting submission” or similar text. In these cases there are uploaded documents that are in PDF format that should be reviewed to see the full submission made. Also, outside of questionnaire responses, there were further submissions received to the consultation that are uploaded on to the council website.

The questions asked in the questionnaire are set out in sequential order with the full text by each respondent, as logged on the consultation software, reproduced. Each respondent to the consultation was given a reference number, starting with the prefix 'FS-Case'.

This numbering system is used consistently throughout this report. It should be noted that agents acting for clients are reported on in this report and the agent’s names are given, however their clients details are not noted, though see Appendix 2 and documents on the council website for full details.

In the response tables that follow we do not show cases where respondents did not make comments. Though where they did comment we show what they said plus the answer they gave to questions. Where the table shows blanks for some people’s responses, it indicates that they did not ‘tick a box’ to give an answer but they did make comment. In other cases we show the ‘tick box’ answer that people provided.

Text comments received on the consultation document, as recorded on our consultation software, are available below:

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
Question 6
Question 7
Question 8
Question 9
Question 10
Question 11
Question 12
Question 13
Question 14
Question 15
Question 16
Question 17
Question 18
Question 19
Question 20
Question 21
Question 22
Question 23
Question 24
Question 25
Question 26
Question 27
Question 28
Question 29
Question 30
Question 31
Question 32
Appendix I
Appendix II

There were also a number of additional comments and papers that were uploaded separately via the consultation software or were submitted as standalone documents to the council. Links to these documents are provided below:

Comments and Papers

FS-Case 302971165 - Sid Vale Association Q8
FS-Case 307991316 - Susan Cooper Q27
FS-Case 308268315 - Cranbrook Town Council
FS-Case 308982711 - Bell Cornwell Q12, 13, 14, 23 and 27
FS-Case 309383731 - V Ranger
FS-Case 310327426 - Bell Cornwell Q8, 9, 12, 14, 27, 28 and 29
FS-Case 311693209 - Vision Group for Sidmouth
FS-Case 312235817 - Bell Cornwell Q12 and 14
FS-Case 312449388 - GTH for H Glanvill
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 01
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 02
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 03
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 04
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 05
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 06
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 07
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 08
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 09
FS-Case 313459444 - M Allen 10
FS-Case 313718525 - R Maynard
FS-Case 313771026 - J Connolly
FS-Case 314133727 - Walsingham Planning Ltd
FS-Case 314313978 - G Nicholson, Hydrostar
FS-Case 315126013 - GTH for Morrish Homes
FS-Case 315275424 - Broadclyst Neighbourhood CLT
FS-Case 315307476 - M Leighton
FS-Case 315560020 - Planning Prospests for Exeter Devon Airport Ltd
FS-Case 315678300 - GTH for Keith Jones
FS-Case 315685113 - Marine Management Organisation
FS-Case 316056741 - H Jessop, RSPB Q21
FS-Case 316135438 - GTH for Compton Stephenson Sanders and Olliff
FS-Case 316159794 - GTH for Barratt Development Ltd 01
FS-Case 316159794 - GTH for Barratt Development Ltd 02 Register View
FS-Case 316159794 - GTH for Barratt Development Ltd 03 plan
FS-Case 316159794 - GTH for Barratt Development Ltd 04 plan
FS-Case 316300124 - Stags for Mosaic Exeter Ltd 01
FS-Case 316300124 - Stags for Mosaic Exeter Ltd 02
FS-Case 325766457 - J W Planning for Chancery Land Company

IORep001 - A Kippax
IORep002 - A Lascelles
IORep003 - Anonymous
IORep004 - Avison Young on behalf of National Grid
IORep005 - Axminster Town Council
IORep006 - B Calver
IORep007 - Barton Willmore on behalf of KCS Developments
IORep008 - Bell Cornwell on behalf of Clyst Valley Garden Village Consortium
IORep009 - Bell Cornwell on behalf of Clinton Devon Estates
IORep010 - Bell Cornwell on behalf of Concertare Burlands Mead Limited
IORep011 - Boyer Planning on behalf of Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd
IORep012 - Broadclyst Neighbourhood Plan
IORep013 - Budleigh Salterton Town Council
IORep014 - C Williams
IORep015 - Cllr S Jackson
IORep016 - Cllr V Ranger
IORep017 - Collier Planning on behalf of Baker Estates Ltd
IORep018 - Collier Planning on behalf of Core Strategic Land Ltd
IORep019 - D Morgan1
IORep020 - D Morgan2
IORep021 - D Wilkins
IORep022 - D Boyle
IORep023 - David Lock Associates on behalf of Hallam Land and Taylor Wimpey
IORep024 - Devon and Cornwall Police
IORep025 - Devon and Cornwall Police - Building and Estates
IORep026 - Devon Countryside Access Forum
IORep027 - Devon County Council Planning Transport and Environment
IORep028 - Devon Gardens Trust
IORep029 - DLP Consultants on behalf of Glanvill, Glanvill and Goodall
IORep030 - Dr D Buller
IORep031 - Dr J Withrington
IORep032 - E Russell
IORep033 - E Salter, LDA Design
IORep034 - East Devon, Tiverton and Honiton CLPs
IORep035 - EJF Planning Ltd
IORep036 - Environment Agency
IORep037 - Equality and Human Rights Commission
IORep038 - Exeter Civic Society1
IORep039 - Exeter Civic Society2
IORep040 - Exmouth Civic Society
IORep041 - Exmouth Wildlife Group
IORep042 - G Strouts on behalf of M Strouts
IORep043 - Grass Roots Planning Ltd on behalf of Greatworth Property Managers
IORep044 - GTH on behalf of Heather Glanvill
IORep045 - GTH on behalf of Messrs Strawbridge
IORep046 - GTH on behalf of Mr and Mrs P Trump
IORep047 - GTH on behalf of N and P Harwood
IORep048 - GTH on behalf of R, F and D Laramy
IORep049 - Hawkchurch Parish Council
IORep050 - Heynes Planning
IORep051 - Highways England
IORep052 - Historic England
IORep053 - Home Builders Federation
IORep054 - J Carthy
IORep055 - J Owen
IORep056 - John Owen
IORep057 - Lichfields on behalf of Bourne Leisure
IORep058 - Lichfields on behalf of M7 Planning Ltd
IORep059 - LiveWest
IORep060 - LRM Planning on behalf of Barratt David Wilson Homes
IORep061 - LRM Planning on behalf of Cherwell Group
IORep062 - Dr M Dobrota-Gibbs
IORep063 - M Dodd
IORep064 - M Wilson
IORep065 - Maddox Associates on behalf of OXW Catalina UK Ltd
IORep066 - Marina Management Organisation
IORep067 - McMurdo LPD on behalf of Mr and Mrs P Broom
IORep068 - McMurdo LPD on behalf of Stuart Partners Ltd
IORep069 - Mr R Getliffe
IORep070 - Mrs D Taylor
IORep071 - Mrs J Quinn
IORep072 - Natural England
IORep073 - Network Rail1
IORep074 - Network Rail2
IORep075 - Origin3 on behalf of Gleeson Strategic Land
IORep076 - Ottery St Mary Town Council
IORep077 - P Dobbs
IORep078 - P G Reader
IORep079 - P Gibbons
IORep080 - PCL Planning on behalf of Blue Cedar Homes
IORep081 - PCL Planning on behalf of Dorepark Ltd
IORep082 - PCL Planning on behalf of Eagle Investments
IORep083 - PCL Planning on behalf of Waddeton Park
IORep084 - Pearlsfield Planning on behalf of Landmark Estates Development Ltd
IORep085 - Pegasus Group on behalf of LVA LLP
IORep086 - Persimmon Homes
IORep087 - Planning and Design Group on behalf of Chancery Land Company
IORep088 - Planning Bureau on behalf of Retirement Housing Consortium
IORep089 - Public Health Devon
IORep090 - R Collins
IORep091 - R Owen
IORep092 - Savills on behalf of FWS Carter and Sons and Crealy Farms
IORep093 - Savills on behalf of FWS Carter1
IORep094 - Savills on behalf of FWS Carter2
IORep095 - Savills on behalf of Hallam Land Management Ltd
IORep096 - Savills on behalf of Land Value Alliances
IORep097 - Savills on behalf of Sidbury Manor Estate
IORep098 - Savills on behalf of Taylor Wimpey Strategic Land
IORep099 - Sidmouth Town Council
IORep100 - South Somerset District Council
IORep101 - Sport England
IORep102 - Stockland Parish Council
IORep103 - T Blackler
IORep104 - Tetlow King on behalf of SW Housing Association Planning Consortium
IORep105 - Tetra Tech on behalf of C G Fry and Son Ltd
IORep106 - Transition Exmouth
IORep107 - Turley on behalf of Bloor Homes South West
IORep108 - Turley on behalf of Bloor Homes South West and Stuart Partners
IORep109 - Walsingham Planning Ltd on behalf of Gerway Lane Landowners

A Communications Plan, highlights key communication activities undertaken.